Fat Lady Suits

Slag Suits 2The fat lady suits are just like the sumo suits, except they are definitely more suited to adults!

These adult amusement suits come with fully padded suits that can easily slide over your head. They also come complete with a “rubber” shield for the safest method of protection and a big padded willy as a weapon to deliver your opponent some hard blows. But don’t just dick around! You need to use your weapons to knock your opponent outside the ring.

The fat lady suits are a bit of a challenge but are definitely a laugh all around! Without a doubt, there will be a few of your battles will be shared on multiple social media accounts!

thumb-30So reach into your pants…for your phone that is, and call Mad Cow Entertainment or fill out the form below to book these adult amusement suits now!

Hire these Adult Amusement Suits

Rent from just $330 for 3 hours + $100 per hour
Overnight hire $200

Game Is Good For = Adults Only
Power Requirement = None
Size = 3mts L x 3mts W x 2 mts High

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