Kylie the Ride

Kylie the Ride 2Kylie The Ride, definitely a popular woman amongst the men.

Every guy will want to show his stuff and what he is made of with this woman around, Kylie is a bit of a tough one to get a handle of, so you can guarantee, if he fails, he will want to try again!

Just kneel up behind her and hold her round the waist while she bucks up and down

Kylie The Ride is another new addition to Mad Cow Entertainment, but she has become a favourite. A great idea for those bucks nights guys.

thumb-27You don’t have to worry about a thing, with it being machine operated, a trained person is there to look after you and make sure everyone is getting their fair share of the action.

Ask about our free offer of a surfboard attachment to replace Kylie when she tires out.

Hire this Adult Amusement Ride

Rent from just $495 for 3 hours + $100 per hour
Price includes Supervisor

Game Is Good For = Adults Only
Power Requirement = 2X 10 amp power socket
Size = 5mts L x 5mts W x 2.5 mts High

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