Bungee Run Hire Perth


No need to be afraid of heights here when you run down our inflatable bungee field. Sprint down the 10 metre lane to the finish line with your Velcro marker. For the kids who are all about thrills, the Bungee Run safest and closest thing to a bungee experience that you can get for kids’ parties or carnivals in Perth.

We take safety super seriously! All patrons only have padded safety to fall or stumble onto and the dividing wall in the middle ensures that the two bungee runners cannot collide into each other. We even thoroughly inspect the bungee run hire before each set up to ensure it is free of any debris or dirt it may have accumulated from the last job, or transport. You’ll be in safe hands with Mad Cow Entertainment.

The rules are simple; beat your opponent by stretching your elastic further than they do. The further back you go, the more tension in the bungee cord and the faster you’ll propel to your padded target. So mark your spot, let yourself go, then whoooooooo!! Fly back to where you started from!

The Bungee Run Hire in Perth is a great amusement hire and a guaranteed producer of smiles, giggles and laughs. Suitable, and addictive, for all ages.

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Rent from just $450 for 3 hours + $100 per hour
Includes Supervisor

Game Is Good For = Age 5 To Adults
Power Requirement = 1 X 10 amp power socket
Size = 11mts L x 3mts W x 2.2mts High

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