Fly Wall Hire Perth

Fly Wall 2The Fly Wall, a timeless classic!

Standing 6 meters tall this amusement hire is a wall that you’re meant to climb. But hang on a minute, there are no handles, grooves or ledges to grab onto and leverage? That’s because the entire wall is covered in Velcro!

That’s why we get you to slip on your easy to get into suit of Velcro and then run and jump as high (and as awkwardly!) as you can against the sticky Velcro wall to see how far you can get up there! Take a run up, take a big bounce just before you approach the wall, and give it your best shot. It’s not as easy as it looks and will keep you coming back for more.

thumb-5One of the most fun and competitive games at any kids’ party, carnival or event and provides a real headache for parents who try to pull their kids away from this foot traffic stopper.

So pick up the phone and call Mad Cow Entertainment today or fill out the form below to book the Fly Wall Hire in Perth along with any other amusement rides and/or bouncy castles.

Hire this Amusement Ride

Rent from just $375 for 3 hours + $85 per extra hour
Price includes Supervisor

Game Is Good For = Age 5 To Adults
Power Requirement = 1 X 10 amp power socket
Size = 6mts L x 4mts W x 3.5mts High

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