Xtreme Obstacle Course

Extreme Obstacle Course

Are you ready to take on Mad Cow Entertainment‘s most Xtreme inflatable ride?

All kids love a good inflatable slide, but first, they must earn the right after enduring the gruelling (but safely padded) obstacle course that lies in their path.

Kids’ need to test their skills in jumping, crawling and climbing to overcome all of the obstacles on the Xtreme obstacle course. And if you think the challenge isn’t tough enough already, this inflatable ride can attach to the Warrior Jump Obstacle Course to create one big and unforgettable experience.

This obstacle course can be modified to increase or decrease the level of difficulty by connecting other obstacles or by increasing or decreasing the firmness of the pillows, making them larger or smaller.

So unless there are obstacles in your pocket, pull out your phone and call Mad Cow Entertainment today or fill in the form below to enquire along with any other amusement hire for your next event or kids party.

Hire this Obstacle Course

Rent from just $550 for 3 hours + $125 per hour
Price includes Supervisor

Game Is Good For = Age 6 To Adult
Power Requirement = 2 X 10 amp power socket

Hire With Warrior Jump Obstacle Course

Rent from just $1,000 for 3 hours + $250 per hour
Price includes Supervisor

Power Requirement = 4 X 10 amp power socket


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