Shawn the Sheep Hire Perth

Inspired from the beloved character from the British television show Shaun the Sheep, this amusement hire is another close relative to the Bucking Mad Cow and Multi-Rider Bull. This time, Shaun the Sheep thinks he is a bull and he has no intention of letting you stay on his back!

A guaranteed popular attraction with the kids, they cannot resist jumping on Shaun to see what he’s got. How could they? An adorable sheep bucks and spins while they try to stay on makes for hours of laughter -the kids will be scrambling to come back for more putting all that extra energy to good use! This is all done under the watchful eye of our appointed supervisor so you can relax and join in on the fun with your children without fearing for their safety or yours for that matter. Getting kicked off Shaun the Sheep, is not such a bad experience either when you are greeted by the warm embrace of a giant soft air-bed. You can also rest assured that you will never fall beyond the perimeter of the air-bed even at Shaun’s “bucking maximum.”

Our Shaun the Sheep amusement hire is already somewhat of a celebrity too! You may have seen the amusement hire featured during Telethon’s 2015 Cash Cow where it successfully kicked off Home and Away celebrity, Scott Lee (apologies ladies!). If you haven’t, check it out in the video below – there is something weirdly entertaining about watching someone getting kicked off a bucking Shaun the Sheep!

So don’t be sheepish! Call Mad Cow Entertainment today or fill out the form below to book Shaun the Sheep along with all your other amusement rides or bouncy castles you’d like to hire. The kids at your event will thank you for it, it’s a promise!

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Rent from just $440 for 3 hours + $100 per extra hour
Price includes Supervisor

Game Is Good For = Age 3 To Adults
Power Requirement = 2X 10 amp power sockets
Size = 5mts L x 5mts W x 2.5 mts High

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