Fire Truck Ride

Fire Truck RideFor the parents that want their kids to experience the thrill of being in a fire-truck without the imminent danger of being engulfed in flames just moments later; the fire truck ride from Mad Cow Entertainment is the best way to for them to get their fill!

Seating up to 12 people, both adults or children, the fire truck ride is a popular, low thrill entertainment ride that the younger kids who aren’t quite ready for the bigger rides can take part in and enjoy, giving them a taste of the fun of amusement rides at carnivals, school fetes, council events, functions or parties.

As with any of our amusements, safety is our number one priority. The fire truck ride is always kept in top mechanical order, is clean and is always driven by one of our responsible supervisors at a slow and steady speed. This may be a disguised as a fire truck but we keep kids’ excitement for the carnival burning!

So what are you waiting for? Give Mad Cow Entertainment a call or fill out the form below to book the fire truck ride in Perth.

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Rent from just $750 for 3 hour + $200 for every extra hour

Game Is Good For = All ages
Power Requirement = None
Seats = 12

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