Gold Cup Horse Racing

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Let the games begin! The Gold Cup Horse Racing amusement hire will have you dissolve into fits of laughter while desperately galloping your life away to get your horse further ahead!

This horse racing game allows up to 4 players with participants positioning their hobby horse between their legs, holding on to the handles at either side of the horse’s head. At the sound of the starting horn, all players will need to simulate a galloping motion very similar to a jockey riding a horse. This will prompt their corresponding horse on the racetrack to start its course to the finishing post. The faster a participant gallops the closer the horse gets to winning the race!

Suitable for all ages from 6 onwards, this has also become a popular amusement hire that complements events on Race days with guaranteed fun and excitement. Despite promoting a competitive streak it has also seen a rise in hire in corporate events especially for team building exercises. There is something about looking ridiculous on a hobby horse that just cements a bond between players, wouldn’t you agree? Also let’s not forget the huge entertainment factor in watching people make absolute fools of themselves on those hobby horses!

Well, what are you waiting for? Call Mad Cow Entertainment now or fill out the form below to hire the Gold Cup Horse Racing game and the other amusement rides that you need to add that little twist that your event needs. We can assure you; your event will be the talk of the town for quite some time!

Rent from just $395 for 3 hours + $100 per extra hour

Game Is Good For = Age 6 To Adults
Power Requirement = 1X 10 amp power socket
Size = 3mts L x 2mts W x 2 mts High

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