Popcorn Machine Hire Perth


The name say’s it all. Want fresh popcorn at your next event just like how they make it at the movies? Mad Cow Entertainment has you covered!

If you’re hosting a carnival event, kids party, or just having a kick back and relax movie night in the backyard you know you’re going to need to hire a popcorn machine to make it truly awesome.

The immediate crowd pleaser and the sign of a properly organised event. A party just isn’t a party without freshly popped, warm, and delicious popcorn.

Feeling hungry already? Just pop your phone out of your pocket and call Mad Cow Entertainment today or fill out the form below to book the Popcorn Machine Hire in Perth.

Hire the Popcorn Machine

Rent from just $295 for 3 hours + $80 per extra hour

Game Is Good For = EVERYBODY
Power Requirement = 1X 10 amp power socket
Size = 2mts L x 2mts W x 2 mts High

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