Saw Bones


Saw Bones is life-sized version of the popular game Operation. Your male patient has ten over his body, which contains a body part for such as his Adam’s Apple or Butterflies in the Tummy.

You have three shots at saving your patient, every time the tweezers touch the patient’s body; you lose one of those chances. Players need to try and carefully remove as many of the body parts as you possibly can without the tweezers touching the patient’s body. When the tweezers touch the patient’s body for the third time, you’ll hear the sound of an ambulance siren and confirm that a career in medicine perhaps isn’t for you.

Don’t think that slow and steady wins the race here! There’s a built-in timer on the patient’s pillow recording how long it takes the player to remove all of the patient’s body parts. You only have 60 seconds! The added noise of a heartbeat monitor adds pressure to the operation experience.

So scrub up and surgically remove your phone from your pocket and call Mad Cow Entertainment or fill in the form below to hire the Sawbones Game in Perth.

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Rent from just $395 for 3 hours + $100 per extra hour

Game Is Good For = Age 3 To Adults
Power Requirement = 1X 10 amp power socket
Size = 2mts L x 2mts W x 2 mts High

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