Blue Splash Water Slide

Blue splash water slideA tall water slide is always a hot Summer carnival classic.

Big, blue and always omitting sounds of laughter and joyful screams, it’s not hard to find this attraction at any function, event or kids party.

What’s more is that all the fun can be enjoyed with absolutely zero compromise to safety. Mad Cow Entertainment makes sure that no patrons are able to slide off at speed and land on anyone or anything other than a cushy inflatable shield. There has never been a safer way to seek the thrills than this inflatable water slide hire.

So be quick! Slide your phone out of your pocket before it’s too late and call Mad Cow Entertainment today or fill in the form below to get this inflatable water slide hire at your next party or event.

Hire this Water Slide

Rent from just $450 for 3 hours + $100 per extra hour
Price includes Supervisor

Game is Good For = All Ages
Power Requirements = 1 Power Outlet and Water Tap
Size = 3.5m Wide x 7.6m Long x 3.9m High

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