Dunk Tank Hire Perth


The dunking machine hire in Perth is a timeless classic.

Ever wanted to dunk one of your co-workers into a huge vat of water? One of your friends or maybe even a school teacher? Then the dunk tank hire in Perth is perfect for your next event!

One brave volunteer sits atop the dunk tank on its collapsible chair while onlookers throw tennis balls at the target, when someone hits the target, SPLASH! Down they go! You only have three shots though, so you had better make them count!

You don’t just have to adults. Get one of the kids up there, maybe take the opportunity to even drop your own kids in the dunk tank hire (and without getting in trouble for it!). We do recommend a supervisor at all times if children are being dunked whether it’s from Mad Cow Entertainment or a volunteer at your event.

The dunk tank hire Perth is perfect for our hot Summer days and is a great laugh for those who partake, and those who are watching. The dunk tank hire Perth guarantees to produce the amount of screams and laughs that make your event feel like a carnival.

Ready to make a splash? Pick up the phone and call Mad Cow Entertainment or fill out the form below to book the dunk tank hire in Perth now!

Hire the Dunk Tank

Rent from just $400 for a Full Day with no Supervisor
Supervisor available for an extra $30 per hour

Game Is Good For = Age 5 To Adults. Must be able to swim
Power Requirement = none
Size = 3mts L x 2mts W x 3mts High
A hosepipe is require where it will be set up

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